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About Us

Owen Digital™ is a small technology, publishing, and software development firm. We have been in business - and with the same mailing address - since 1996.

Owen Digital™ is currently engaged in PC software, online software, and embedded development (firmware and hardware), website conceptualization and design, content development and management, dotcom domain and website development and sales, and even the occasional foray into various media "experiments" such as the T-shirt in the image above, for example.

Because we are a small business, we know what it means to be both a vendor and a customer, an employer and an employee. We try to keep those various perspectives in mind when interacting with our customers and website visitors.

BTW, can anyone tell us what the strange symbols located at the bottom of the image above mean?

The symbols mysteriously appeared on the image after processing...they must mean something...have some significance...and that face on the shirt...could there be...a connection?

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