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Ed. Note: Owen Digital has written this article and is proudly donating this server space to promote the SETI@Home project.

Ready? Get SETI@Home!

Would you like to help scientists in their search for extraterrestrial intelligence?

Do you ever run a screen saver on your PC?

Do you like FREE software?

If you answered "Yes" to the questions above, please read on...

If you have a reasonably fast PC (Pentium recommended) and occasionally leave it idle running one of those colorful, yet unproductive screen savers, you can replace that screen saver (temporarily) with the SETI@Home screen saver and do some serious scientific number crunching for an out of this world cause!

The SETI@Home screen saver will put your computer's idle time to good use analyzing RF signal data that has been collected from the far reaches of the galaxy and beyond by the world's largest radio telescope dish (305 meters - about 3 1/3 football fields - in diameter!) at Arecibo, Puerto Rico.

After downloading a few kilobytes of data from the the SETI@Home server, the SETI@Home screen saver will get to work analysing the data, looking for unusually powerful and/or non-random, non-noise signals - signals that could have been sent by an intelligent (hopefully friendly) alien civilization! As with other screen savers, you control when and for how long the SETI@Home screen saver runs.

By using the SETI@Home screen saver, you and your PC will be participating in an exciting, first of its kind experiment that will harness the computing capabilities of hundreds of thousands of computers with Internet access. All of these PCs will effectively be working together, like one big, very fast supercomputer. This distributed, massively parallel computing capacity will surpass the number crunching power of even some of the most powerful supercomputers! Analyzing gigabytes of data, searching for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence - all made possible by the Internet and netizens like you!

Choose any of the links below to get started, and good luck!

SETI@Home technical paper

The SETI@Home home page

Get the FREE SETI@Home software for your PC

SETI@Home software (for Windows) FAQ

A good overview of SETI and SETI@Home

Check out our growing network of sites!


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