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Auto, Highway and Traffic Safety Auto, Highway and Traffic Safety

In the news:

New crash test results: Dodge Grand Caravan and Hyundai Elantra earn poor ratings after 3 tests each; fuel leak in Grand Caravan fixed.

New crash test results: ratings of four large pickups range from good for Toyota Tundra to poor for Ford F-150, Dodge Ram.

Worst theft losses are for two Acura models; next are Chevrolet Corvette, Cadillac Escalade.

Study finds
red light cameras yield reductions in crashes, especially injury crashes; drivers in communities with and without cameras favor using them.

Crash test results: performances of three small SUVs vary; new Hyundai Santa Fe is tops, but new Ford Escape disappoints.

Latest crash tests: car crash-worthiness improves; rating of Dodge Stratus improves from poor to good.

How resistant to
rollover is your SUV, car, or truck? Includes things you can do to help avoid the risk of rollover.

Best and Worst State Traffic Safety Laws

Table Comparison of Traffic Laws for Each State.

Newer vehicles equipped with side impact airbags designed to protect the heads of vehicle occupants are performing well in recent crash tests.

Side impact airbag protection systems are designed to protect the heads of vehicle occupants in the event of a side impact collision. To see the results of such collisions without side impact airbags, take a look at these Photos of side impacts with fatal head injuries.

2001 Model Vehicles With Side Impact Airbag Protection Systems.

Think your SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) is tough? Your belief may get "bumped" - take a look at this...

Theft losses decline by half when cars are equipped with immobilizing antitheft devices. See the full story.

First things first! How safe is the car you're driving right now? Find out if your car has been crash tested, and what the results were here.

Planning on buying a new or used car? Find out what features and equipment make for a safer vehicle in
Shopping For A Safer Car.

Tires - You've probably heard a lot about the Firestone tire recall. But how much do you really know? Here's an authoritative source:

NHTSA Firestone information page: Detailed information and FAQ.

Ok, great. But what about some proactive, preventative maintenance for the tires you have now? Try the three
new links below:

Tire Registration - You've heard all about the latest tire recalls because of their magnitude. But what if you had not heard the news? A good way to find out about recalls that affect your tires is to
Register your tires with the manufacturer.

Cold Weather? Here are some tire tips that will help you get ready for cold weather driving - Cold Weather Tire Care Tips.

General Tire Care - What about general tire care tips? Find out what you know about tires and tire care by taking this Tire Care Quiz.

Air Bags are one of the best safety innovations ever developed. But to use them effectively and safely, you need to be informed. Below are some links to help.

An Air Bag Q&A This is a good starting point.

Air Bag On/Off switches. You may have heard of them. Should you have one installed in your car? According to this article, once you know the facts, it's clear that leaving airbags intact is almost always best. Check it out.

Kids and Air Bags If you have children, take a look.

Extra: Thinking of running that red light? Don't see any cops around? You might want to think again! Some cities are starting to install red light cameras.

Looks like running a
red light factors into more than 800 deaths annually and more than half of those who die are hit by red light violators...more

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