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How can Heidi R. Stealthy™ help me?

Hi! My name is Heidi! Download and try me today!
New! New version 2.1!


Includes FREE email delivery!

Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express

In public with your laptop

An excellent use for Heidi R. Stealthy™ is on your laptop. Think of all the places Heidi R. Stealthy™ would come in handy right away to quickly conceal your activities and help protect your privacy:

At the airport: Departure gate. Business lounge. On the plane itself. Click!

At the train station: At the terminal. On the platform. On the train. Click!

At the library: Keep your research and laptop contents to yourself. Click!

At the university: During class. In the dorm. At the library. Outside on the lawn. Click!

At the park: On those days when you just can't be stuck inside, but still need to thwart prying eyes. Click!

At the restaurant: Enjoying your meal. Catching up on your email. Here comes the waiter. Click!

How do you use Heidi R. Stealthy™? Let us know.

At home or the office with your PC

Heidi R. Stealthy™ is great at home or the office as well. Do you know any of the people listed below?

The suspicious spouse: Oh-oh! Click!

The curious roommate: Not this time! Click!

The boss: 'Nuff said? Click!

The competitive colleague: Argh! Click!

The nosey neighbor: No way! Click!

The "friend": Not gonna happen! Click!

How will you use Heidi R. Stealthy™? Tell us.

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Download Heidi R. Stealthy™.

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