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Why forms are a good thing

Agent Web E. Form (TM) for Windows - Why just e-mail when you can e-form (TM)?


Includes FREE email delivery!

Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express

Agent Web E. Form™ gets more from your site

Whether you have a personal or business web site - or both - adding interactivity to your web pages can help bring more visitors to your site, and keep them there longer.

Adding forms to your web pages is a fast and effective way to make them more interactive and more interesting.

And we believe using Agent Web E. Form™ is the fastest, easiest way to start using interactive forms on your web site! No cgi programming, no templates, no hassles! You even get sample forms with the trial evaluation download of Agent Web E. Form™ that you can start using on your web site today!

What can you use forms for, anyway?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Guest Book - Get input from visitors and make them "part" of your site. Involvement = Interest!

Customer/Visitor database - information gathering such as name, address, interests, etc.

Surveys - Discover what visitors to your site are looking for, and what will keep them coming back.

Feedback - Discover what visitors like and dislike about your site.

Customer support - Make it easy for your customers to describe issues in a more structured manner, and easier for you make the most of their input.

Order taking - Make it easier for your customers to tell you what they want.

With Agent Web E. Form™, you can start using interactive forms on your web site today!

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