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Note: If you are an unregistered trial evaluation software user, please visit our Trial Evaluation Support Page.

Priority for tech support is given to our customers who have registered their software.

Tech support is available for the first thirty (30) days after purchase at no charge.

There is still no charge for tech support after the first thirty (30) days, but it will be on a more limited basis, as resources permit, and with new registered users taking priority.

Since we are currently providing tech support at no charge, we ask that you please be sure to first consult the online help, readme!.txt, and other documentation that is provided with your registered software.

Also, try to rule out your operating system or other applications as the cause of your problem.

Here are a few suggestions:

Does the problem occur when you are running low on Windows' operating system resources? Try closing some applications and/or adding more memory to your system.

Did the problem appear suddenly? Try restarting Windows and/or rebooting your system and see if you can duplicate the problem. Also, you might try reinstalling your registered software if restarting Windows and/or rebooting your system does not help.

Does a similar problem occur with any of your other software applications? You may need to restart Windows and/or reboot your system, or you may need to reinstall or reconfigure your operating system.

Is this the first time the problem has appeared? Try restarting Windows and/or rebooting your system and see if you can duplicate the problem. If you can duplicate the problem, see if it also occurs in any of your other applications. Again, you many need to reinstall or reconfigure your operating system, or reinstall your registered software.

If the above suggestions do not help and you cannot find the answer to your question in the online help, and readme!.txt, please proceed to the form below.

Thank you!

This form for registered customers only

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