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Introduction to Agent Web E. Formô

Agent Web E. Form (TM) for Windows - Why just e-mail when you can e-form (TM)?


Includes FREE email delivery!

Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express

What is Agent Web E. Formô?

Agent Web E. Formô is a "stand-alone" mailto: translator - it runs independently of your HTML editor and web browser, and you don't need to be online to use it either! We believe that Agent Web E. Formô is the easiest and fastest way to put the power of interactive forms to work for you on your web site!

Why would I need Agent Web E. Formô?

If you want to use forms on your web site, but you don't have access to your server's cgi-bin directory, or you do have access but you don't know or don't care about CGI programming, then you need Agent Web E. Formô!

Why? Because if you don't have cgi-bin access, you need to have your form's contents e-mailed to you via the mailto: method whenever a visitor to your web site makes a form submission. When it arrives in your e-mail, it can look like so much "gibberish". Agent Web E. Formô will translate your mailto: encoded e-mail into plain ASCII, and then reformat the ASCII for easy viewing by you.

To put it simply, Agent Web E. Formô will banish the "gibberish" and replace it with plain text!

Hey, even if you do know CGI programming, Agent Web E. Formô can still save hours of your valuable time!

What does Agent Web E. Formô do?

Agent Web E. Formô translates e-mail generated from HTML forms that use the mailto: method into plain, easy to read text. Agent Web E. Form'sô job is to help you use forms on your web pages quickly and painlessly. You don't have to learn about CGI programming, programming with Perl, or even using templates.

Just put your form on your web page, and wait for someone to send you e-mail (an e-formô) by pressing the form's 'Submit' button. Then put Agent Web E. Formô to work!

Is Agent Web E. Formô difficult to use?

No! It's basically point-and-click, and there's plenty of online help, including example mailto: forms complete with HTML source code! Simply cut and paste the sample code into your favorite HTML editor, modify it to suit your needs (or use it as is), then upload it to your web site and wait for your next visitor!

You can download a trial evaluation of Agent Web E. Formô now, and start using forms on your web site today!

Powerful four-way translation!

1. Drag-and-Drop a mailto: encoded file or files from File Manager or File Explorer - it's translated!

2. Paste mailto: encoded text from the Clipboard - it's translated!

3. Open a mailto: encoded file using a standard Open File dialog box - it's translated!

4. Process mailto: encoded text with a single click of a Toolbar button - it's translated!

Agent Web E. Formô does the translation for you automatically when you open a mailto: encoded form submission, or when you drag-and-drop an encoded file(s) from File Manager or File Explorer.

You can even view the original form submission first, and then translate it with the single click of a toolbar button. Or just paste mailto: encoded text from the Clipboard. The choices are yours!

I already know how to write code! Back up

Even if you do know CGI (Perl, PHP, C, C++, etc.), and have access to your server's cgi-bin directory, you would still have to write, test, and debug code to translate your form submissions from their cryptic mailto: encoded format into something more readable.

Then you would have to create templates to handle all the form's fields. Finally, you would have to test your form, code, and template to make sure everything is working in unison. Whew! What a pain!

With Agent Web E. Formô, it's just drag-and-drop, or copy and paste, or point-and-click. Nothing could be easier!

I know how to write code, but I also have a life!

We understand that! We designed Agent Web E. Formô to allow you to test your forms as soon as you put them on your web page, before you spend any time writing code, creating template files, or otherwise committing to a form which may not serve your purposes.

Of course, if you don't have access to your server's cgi-bin directory, Agent Web E. Formô is the only way to go!

Who knows? You may even decide that your forms and Agent Web E. Formô are all you need - no more code, no more templates, no more wasted time!

The trial evaluation copy of Agent Web E. Formô even comes with the HTML code for some sample web forms. You can start using interactive forms on your web pages today by downloading a free trial evaluation now!

Agent Web E. Formô - Making the world safe once again for people who have actual lives!ô

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